Monday, January 10, 2005

Dave Harper - WinkSite

Two months ago, almost to the day, Dave Harper sent me a link to an article he posted regarding User Generated Content. I had intended to make a specific comment to his post, i.e., where I agreed and disagreed. I unfortunately didn't get around to doing that, and as I go through my drafts cleaning up some unfinished quotes I returned to the article today.

The topic, which is of course what I have focused on in what I am doing around blogging/podcasting and now video blogging, seems poised for a lot of attention this year as more tools of self publication and more methods of deriving and aggregating distribution appear.

Instead of commenting on Dave's post specifically, I would refer you to look at the article, but more importantly to the list of discussions and references Dave cites. Dave has provided links to 11 articles, one of which is mine, that talk about various aspects of user generated content. If you take the time to read my blog and are interested in this area, I think it is a worthwhile investment to read the article and the links provided.

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