Monday, January 17, 2005

Technology Hell - Gateway Computers

I purchased a very large multimedia computer two years ago. Sometime this last spring I noticed a hairline crack in the back of my monitor near where the monitor connects to the laptop base. I freaked out. I didn't repair it at first because there were no visible issues and I figured I would just be careful.

Over the following 6 months or so I didn't notice anything unusual until about a month ago. I began having serious problems with my video display. I finally relented and shipped the machine to Gateway to have it repaired.

My computer has now been away for 10 days. My goal to get through whatever this time period would be was to use a combination of my P910, my home desktop and a desktop I bought for the office. For the most part it has worked until this last weekend. Although I backed up all my docs and critical files, I opted not to reinstall Eudora on my work desktop and rather keep the email on my various accounts until my machine came home.

The P910 has been great for staying current with email although I haven't used it much to reply. The home desktop has been a bust. I can't work at home. If I had my laptop I could move around with the kids etc. But to break away and try to work in another room with all the chaos at home hasn't made much sense.

This morning, with webmail accounts bulging and my P910 holding hundreds of messages and me needing to get access to old emails for a variety of purposes I called Gateway. They said that they don't have an update for completion of my repairs. AAAARRGGGGGHHHHH.

Deep breath. You never know how dependent you are on your technology until you don't have it.


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