Friday, January 28, 2005

Smarter Child Pt. 2

Ok so this ended quickly. The thing I was interested in gave me a server busy. Then I had this conversation:

brikdoien: do you like music
SmarterChild: Yes I do! Music is one of my favorite art forms!

>>> Ask me for info such as news, sports and movies!
brikdoien: punk rock?
SmarterChild: Punk music is a great music genre.

>>> Remember, you can adjust the size of your window to read my messages easier.
brikdoien: what punk rock do you like?
SmarterChild: Wow. Interesting. I'm just not sure!
brikdoien: are you lame?
SmarterChild: Lame? I don't know. You think I am?
brikdoien: i am starting to think so
SmarterChild: Is starting to think so fun?
brikdoien: no, i am starting to think that you are very lame
SmarterChild: OK! Well good luck starting to think that I'm very lame then.

Ok so I am lame for having this conversation with a bot, but I tried to ask it about some stuff like RSS etc. and had similar results. This at least had some sick satisfaction.

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Anonymous said...

ya ur kinda wierd