Thursday, January 06, 2005

Other Media Stuff - Podcast page and Videoblog experiment

I kind of like to keep things separate so I set up a new page for The $250 Million Radio show. I will announce new shows here but pretty much everything else will be there. The feed will remain the same.

I also wanted to play with videoblogging and didn't want to just talk into my camerphone and I didn't want to mix it in with my normal blogging, so I decided to do a cheesy phone based documentary piece at The Phone Startup Project. I even went in and edited the dircaster php script to create an RSS 2.0 feed for the 'project'. The RSS feed for this can be found there as well.

When I more completely understand videoblogging I will post the occasional piece here, but for the most part I will limit it to the other page for the time being.

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