Thursday, January 20, 2005

What I missed

Being without your technology can be tough. The following covers what worked and what I missed:

What Worked -
1. P910 did a great job of keeping me in touch with email.
2. Gmail as an archive was great for the things I really needed.
3. Cheesy desktop replacement was fine given the different webmail accounts I had.

What I missed -
1. RSS feeds - Bloglines didn't have a full copy of my OPML files so I was reading a very small subset of feeds. Need to make sure that next time I import my full OPML file.
2. Archived email. There were a lot of things I needed to get to that I hadn't considered. Although I backed up my email, I didn't reinstall as I figured it would be too much of a hastle to POP my email and then resynch.
3. Ipod. No new podcasts until today.
4. Flexibility. I am kicking back in the den right now working. I couldn't really try to pull that off with a roomful of kids. "Hey honey I think I want to go work in the other room, those kids you have been dealing with all day, keep up the good work." Yeah. Like that would ever happen.

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