Thursday, January 20, 2005


One of the really cool things about working at an exciting startup like was getting to meet a bunch of really entrepreneurial people who are ambitious and smart. Many of us have gone on to do our own thing, including of course Michael Robertson with Linspire and Sipphone.

A group of the smartest engineers that I knew fairly well (Joshua Stephens, Brian Degenhardt, and Tristan Degenhardt) went on to found a company called Four Loop. They started out doing a variety of consulting gigs and ultimately decided to create a VOIP product that is built upon asterisk. The product is called Switchvox. We are currently testing it as a beta customer and I think its really cool. I have never set up a PBX, but it works really well and we have a really fun configuration. We have a Vonage line coming out of our router into a cheap Dell box that is running their software. I currently access my phone line via a softphone on the desktop PC I am using. I haven't gotten very far yet, but if you want a giggle dial our office at (858)964-5119.

They are debuting the product at the Desktop Linux Summit which will be here in San Diego.


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