Friday, April 15, 2005

Blogging, Riverside and Ned Cooney

I think that as you continue to blog, you increasingly understand the power of information and networks. Several months ago a friend from high school sent me an email as she had discovered my blog and wanted to see if I was the same Derrick Oien.

Recently I noticed a person from the City of Riverside had been reading my blog. Nobody came to mind, then I recalled that a friend I hadn't seen in like 10 years was the head of a non-profit in Riverside County. Rika Dotson, who was the other person mentioned previously was a friend of this person Ned Cooney as well. I emailed her to see if she knew his email address. I got it and sent him an email asking him if he was reading my blog. I didn't hear back.

We recently hired a system administrator who worked with us at who is based in Montana. Scott comes down once in a while but generally overseas our managed hosting group here in San Diego from afar. Yesterday I got a call from Montana and I answered the phone, "Yeah Scott"
"Hey Derrick"
"This isn't Scott?"
"No it's Ned Cooney"
"What the hell are you doing in Montana?"
"How did you know I was in Montana?"
"My System Administrator lives there."

We had a great chat. I still don't know who in Riverside is reading, but it was great getting in touch with Ned.

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