Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My Ipod dilemma

Actually my wife's Ipod was purchased several years ago when Apple first released the Ipod. She used it a little bit but then it sat on the shelf for a while. I picked it up periodically as my running was sporadic. When the podcasting thing burst on the scene, I adopted the device as mine. I actually really got to like it as I have also been running regularly. Until recently. You see, my battery is finally dying. It started out as strange outages when there was still a charge left and just continued to get worse. I'd say at this point its pretty much toast.

My wife has decided she is going to train for a half marathon and wants the device back. Of course I am more than happy to give it back as it doesn't work. She probably wont have a sense of humor about it and the whole flawed battery thing might be lost on her. Because of this I guess I am going to buy her a new Ipod. The dilemma is what should I do. I could buy my own mini. Or another Mp3 player like the iRiver. Or I could get a PSP, but I don't think that is very practical. Choices. I'll report back on my shopping field trip later this week.


Brandon said...

If the only problem with the iPod is the battery, then why not replace it? Other World Computing sells replacements for that model at $30 and $40, which offer 46% or 70% more capacity than the orginal battery, respectively. They also include the instructions and the tools you need to make the switch.


I've used OWC for several years, and have always had good experiences with them.

Ben said...

If she is going to be training for a marathon, I would suggest a shuffle. There is enough room for bucket loads of music and most importantly the small size won't disrupt her stride pattern or armswing.

Added to which the flash memory nature of the beast makes dropping it a non issue.

Anonymous said...

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