Thursday, April 14, 2005

TMobile Voicemail Upgrade Problems

I just searched around the web and I guess I must be one of the only ones, but I have to say that the new TMobile voicemail upgrade has driven me to the edge of my sanity. I have phones from just about every carrier (surprise, surprise) but TMobile is my primary carrier. Recently they took the voicemail program that they have been using for the last several years.

Aside from major changes in how the voicemail works, I have had a number of really cool new features like missed voicemails, voicemails that mysteriously appear hours or days later, voicemail icons that wont go away - or wont appear. I can't take it. So I can understand that as a user I have to change how I use my voicemail if they change software providers. What I don't understand is why it doesn't work. That's not good.


Anonymous said...

I have the same problems, including when I skip a new message, it vanishes! I made it to advanced technical support, who referred it to engineering, but then nothing....

Anonymous said...

it sucks. i hate it.

Anonymous said...

In addition to what you have said...

* I get transferred to other people's voice mail when I try to fetch my own. And yes, I can listen to all the messages.

* When calling my wife's mobile, I am sometimes transferred to someone else's voicemail.

* Many people have noted that they have tried to call me, but get someone else's voicemail.

Yes, T-Mobile does suck. (Looking back, I should have just upgraded my Verizon phone instead of changing to T-Mobile.)

kujo said...

I was such an avid promoter of T-Mobile until this new voicemail system came around. This is total garbage. I have people call me and get this crappy message, "If you have voicemail on this system, please enter that phone number now!" What the hell is that? Even calling my voicemail sometimes I get this message. And yes, I too, have had the other ghost like messages that mysterious arrive in my mailbox days later and the mailbox showing but with no voicemail. This is complete BS and I think that it is truly a breech of contract as a faulty product. I'm in Real Estate and sometimes get phone calls from a pclient who I have never spoke to before and they get this confusing, unprofessional, crap when calling me for the first time. They'll just call the next guy. That's potentially thousands of dollars that I'm loosing and very bad business. So do you think T-Mobile is going to spend some of their millions of dollars to make this a high priority to fix this or am I going to have to cancel their service and fight the contract I'm in???

Anonymous said...

Oh, what you have pointed out here is just the tip of the iceberg -- their problems are legion.

What annoys me, aside from the completely amateurish implementation of their voicemail system (what?? Did those infinite number of monkeys finally finish Shakespeare and then got hired to design T-Mobile's new voice mail???? What IDIOT at the company green lighted the new system, and do they still have their job?), is that they tried to sell the new system as a response to "customer demands."

Yeah right. All of us wanted to A) loose features, and B) get the most craptacular vmail system we could.

T-Mobile, please don't piss on us and try to tell us it is raining. You insult our intelligence, and it makes you look deceitful -- ready to spin more than a Washington press secretary.

[Oh, and for those interested, we originally notified them of the security issues in their system back in August of last year. They didn’t want to listen to what we discovered, sticking their head in the sand. Then about 4 months later, Paris got 0wned (or at least the public was made aware of it at that point), and to save face, they brought out the new voice mail system with “security enhancements.” But the original issue still remains, and anyone can target your vmail and 0wn your box. Marketing spin is NOT a security policy.]

Please, all of you, in addition to bitching here, please put all of your complaints in writing:

Customer Relations
T-Mobile Customer Relations
PO Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

I'd cc it to the CEO if you could.

You can also clog the 611 line, bitching, but that takes too much of your time, and a letter carries much more weight.

Take the above address, pass it along, and write them telling them how their sophomoric approach to business is absolutely unacceptable, and how you will be switching because of their incompetence.

Anonymous said...

There customer service is terrible...and not to mention their pay as you go plan...we have had nothing but problems with them. They took minutes off that we had paid and then interrupted the service ON OUR PREPAID PHONE saying someone had reported the number stolen. They are the ones who assigned us the number. Then they tried to act like they could no longer discuss the account with us....and would not tell us what was noted in our own account. Terrible terrible customer service. said...

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kurt said...

I rely on my cell phone for work. It is my only avenue of communication with people who rely on contacting me, other than e-mail. Today, I checked my voice mail and had 48 new voice mails dating back to the middle of January that have never previously showed up in my inbox. We're talking 2 months here. This is unacceptable and has caused me a great deal of problems that I can finally attribute to the faulty voice mail system. Everyone just thought I had one excuse after another as to why I "didn't get their voice mail" or why "I never called them back."

Anonymous said...

I must say t-mobile is becoming the worst service provider. I think they have started taking consumer for granted. We should all start switching to other carrier that when they will realize that they some serious problem which needs to be fixed.