Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Palm Springs

Each year around this time for many years my wife and I take a quick break by hauling out to Palm Springs and spending a little time by the pool on days where the temperature is between 90-100 F. This year we decided to take the brood.

All in all its been a good trip so far. I planned on not blogging or working or really doing much of anything. Today on a whim I fired up the laptop and found some free wifi. This from a house on a golf course. I guess that makes sense but in years past my cellphone barely worked.

I try to use this break to decompress and always try to read something I wouldn't normally read. (I normally read business and technology books). I think last year I was reading Free Culture but that might have been around July.

This year I am reading "From Jesus to Christianity" which is unlike anything I have read since Guns, Germs and Steel. I found myself slightly interested in the papal succession and had some lingering issues from reading The Da Vinci Code so the Michael White piece seemed like one of the better books on early church history. I have a friend Copil Yanez who undertook a study of the transformation of the Mormon Church as it achieved it's amazing current growth rates and began to smooth out the rough edges. Reviewing the foundations of early Christianity seems as interesting a topic. I'll let you know later.

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