Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Current Media

Not much really because we are so busy. That said there are a couple of things:

U2 Concert: We caught the second night of the opening dates of the U2 Tour at the San Diego Sports Arena. It was a great show and IMHO was better than the last tour although I have to admit I have spent next to no time with the new CD so far. The show was a nice mix between intimacy, which my wife liked, and the hints of big media from the Zoo TV era, that I enjoy. I definite must see.

Music: Mars Volta - Francis The Mute. I had heard that this was the new Pink Floyd, etc. etc. I grabbed a copy the other day when I was making one of the only vehicle trips to Los Angeles in the last year (I almost exclusively take the train). So armed with the CD, I headed out. I was blown away. This is an awesome album. At times it is very inaccessible, but if you wait through the really strange parts you are totally rewarded with amazing sections. I think this is a really cool trend in hipster music away from some of what has become formulaic emo punk and towards something that is progressive revival / psychedelic revival. This CD and the Coheed and Cambria CDs are both examples to me of an interesting new chapter in new music that I hope takes off quickly.

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