Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Harvard Preschool

Full disclosure - I didn't go to preschool. Hell, I went to an inner city suburban high school. Worse than that, I briefly attended a private liberal arts school in Oregon before completing my accomplished education at the prestigious California State University, Los Angeles (Magna Cum Laude no less) while working a full time job at Sony Pictures.

So my son Tate is supposed to be entering preschool we are told at the ripe old age of three. Now I am sure that my parents, who must have been clueless, or aspired to my spending my early years in oblivious play, didn't know any better. We on the other hand were vaguely aware of these horror stories about putting your kids on the waiting list of these schools soon after they are conceived. I found this to be ridiculous and waited (gasp) until he was 1 1/2. Since that time we have been begging, pleading, and doing whatever we can to get him into the preschool near our home that does seem like a great place.

That said, I can't believe that our generation, who I believe generally didn't attend preschool can be so caught up in the insanity of trying to get our kids into this school or that school at such a young age. So on with the school. Apparently we made it just by the skin of our teeth. Or so it seems. I am waiting with great anticipation to have a discussion of quantum physics or trends in non representational art in the early 20th century with my son sometime around the age of four. I am certain that it will be an engaging discussion. Oh, and when he is five, he is going to public school.

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