Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Always On

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago I read a post by Scoble about Always On. Since I had signed up for every other social networking / neo blogging scheme on the planet, I figured what's one more. More importantly, it's being headed by Tony Perkins of Red Herring and Upside fame. I saw him speak several years ago and really enjoyed his talk.

After signing up for the site, I was surprised to see that he was planning on publishing a magazine about blogging written by bloggers. In concept this is cool, but in practice it seems to me that the pace of the blogosphere doesn't lend itself to a print magazine. Its kind of like sports to me. I don't Tivo football games because the minute I hear the score, I have no desire to watch the game arrive at that conclusion. Most of the bloggy memes I have seen so far sound fairly tired a month or two later, although clearly there are exceptions. So who would buy this magazine? People who don't blog yet, but are interested. Yeah, that doesn't sound too promising to me, but I hope he makes it work.

So I delayed writing this because it didn't seem helpful and its really an opinion of mine that I have developed recently that shows how print media lags bloggy media so badly that I don't read the usual suspects when I fly anymore (Biz 2.0, Fast Co., Wired) I have already read what they are writing a month or two earlier. So tonight I get an email trying to upsell me to become an Always On insider. WOW. So this site had done nothing for me yet. I haven't visited it more than once, and here comes a pitch that feels weak to me. I am going to sign up because it's Tony Perkins and if he asked me for $50 bucks I would give it to him because I used to live Red Herring, but so far I haven't seen a reason to support Always On. I hope he proves me wrong. I'd like that. Guess I need to check out the site more, because I must be missing something.

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