Saturday, October 16, 2004

RSS 2.0 with enclosures

I have had enough 'technology' for the coming week. My Podcast experiment involved the following:

Downloading and getting familiar with Audacity (Open source audio mixing software)

Setting up my cellphone Bluetooth headset to record my audio tracks

Mixing the show

Downloading and installing the LAME encoding software that Audacity needs to convert to MP3s

Uploading the MP3 file via ftp to

Figuring out why I cant get to the URL link (Permissions)

Figuring out where to find an Rss 2.0 XML feed to model my link on

Editing my XML link

Uploading to Acmenoise.

What a lot of work! I thought this would be easy.

If you are using iPodder my feed link is as follows:

$250 Million Radio show


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Anonymous said...

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