Thursday, October 28, 2004

John Kerry

I am what I guess could best be called typical of my peers whether you call them Republicans or Democrats. Most of us who live in California and work in businesses in technology are economically conservative and socially liberal, er maybe even Libertarian in some cases. I have moved over time from left leaning to just a tad bit left of center.

I am not wildly excited about John Kerry, but I don't see how you can vote for someone who has run the country the way George Bush has these last four years. Several calls to amend the Constitution? Record deficits with Tax cuts? Iraq?

Time for change. Too bad Bill Clinton couldn't run again(That should get some excited).

I must say more importantly that after next week, I will miss my frequent helpings of the following:


Thanks for making me care and making me realize how shrill both sides can be.

A closely divided Legislative body should act as a buffer against anything too crazy from either of the potential winners.

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