Monday, October 04, 2004

Channel Derrick

What's going on in my channel you might wonder?

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand: Cool CD, reminded me of the Strokes on the first listen. I need to spend more time with it, but it will be in my playlist for a while.

Green Day - American Idiot: Still too early for me to know what I think about this CD, but so far so good. I heard that this is their masterpiece. It didn't hit me right away, but time will tell.

Brand New - Deja Entendu: I am really enjoying this CD. Courtesy of my eMusic account. (More on the new eMusic look and site in another post). I obviously got into this late as it was released in 2003, but its really fun for me to hear bands develop and although their first didn't do much for me this is refreshing and this band could have a lot of promise in the future.

We The Media - Dan Gilmour: I can't add anything to the numerous posts online. As a disciple of user generated content, this book IS user generated journalism. If you are interested in any of my User Generated Posts in the least, then go out and by this book.

Adam Curry - Daily Source Code: Just got turned onto this by the recent podcasting posting flurries. At first listen, I was not getting it. Upon a couple of other listens, I can't wait to hear tomorrows show. Its not for everyone, but I love the man in the wilderness, or in this case the Netherlands doing his show for no one or everyone. The transition from MTV VJay to hacker podcaster is just too much fun for me.

Lost: Ok so TV makes a funny turn when we go from Drama to Reality TV(Survivor) to Drama representing Reality TV(Lost). I am drawn in for now, but this could go either way.

NCAA 2005: I can't quit this one, although in general, the games are an increasingly infrequent indulgence given how busy things are with the business, pending triplets, etc. I liked this so much that I didn't buy Madden 2005. Lucky for me, it shipped with a bad bug...

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