Friday, October 22, 2004

Northern California Twice

Next week it's off to CTIA in San Francisco. Should be fun to catch up with a bunch of friends and business associates.

The following week its a quick Friday afternoon flight back up to attend BloggerCon. This should be really cool, and I am trying to sort out my ideal itinerary. I am thinking:

Podcasting is a must. It will be fun to hear Adam Curry live.

Mobile Blogging is next. It is related to what we are working on at Intercasting, and the semantic battles should be fun. Unfortunately my Sony Ericsson P910 will not have shipped by then, so no mobile blogging from that.

I am torn between Overload and Election 2004. I am a political junkie so that has a natural appeal, but meeting Scoble and the topic of overload in general fascinates me much in the same way as meme and idea diffusion fascinates me. So it's looking like Overload.

Law. I can't pass up the chance to hear Lessig. Having been in the eye of the storm between content rights versus technology innovation, this should be a great way to end the day.

This should be a really cool time with a bunch of really smart people.

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