Sunday, October 24, 2004

Show Attribution

Ok so here are the links to the various artists featured in the existing shows:

Show #1
All Thats Left
A Second Chance
Eight Page Pullout
The Gospel of Gloom and Gladness

Show #2
Atomic Garden
Core 13
Sputnik Monroe
All Thats Left

Show #3
Head Change
Sara Schaefer
All Thats Left

Since the publication of the first podcast I there have been 12,819 requests for shows, 1336 downloads of Show #1, 544 of Show #2, and 208 of Show #3. Its been fun watching the power of RSS distribution.

Thanks again to the plugs from Adam and Dave and the nice comment yesterday from Hardcore Insomnia Radio. If you want to send me something for the show drop me an email and put some files up on AcmeNoise.

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