Monday, October 11, 2004


So heading from San Diego to NYC seemed like a great time to catch up on all the Podcasts I have downloaded as well as the various MP3 files from Web 2.0. I was so bummed out to find once I got on the plane, that the audio levels on so many of the shows was real bad. Of course, Adam Curry's shows were good as were the Audio Activist podcasts, but the Web 2.0 stuff was barely listenable.

I am putting together a music show I want to do sometime next week and I am painfully aware of how bad audio mixing is a major problem for a listener. I would advise those who are making shows to make sure that their mix is good. I haven't found any good tools yet, but I haven't really looked much yet either. I found an opensource mixing tool called Audacity that I am going to try to use next week. More late. I love NYC.....

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