Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Road Warrior

I forgot the feeling of being a road warrior. When I was at Vivnedi I would try to spend a week a month in the New York office. I always came home wiped out from all the meetings I would try to squeeze in each trip, So, this week in New York has brought back those memories. I love NYC, but it can wear you down. So other than meeting after meeting, my other New York Highlights.

Hip Guide failed me my first night in town with the selection of Stone Rose as a cool club to grab a drink. I like some of Randy Gerber's other clubs, but this one, although it has a fabulous view, felt contrived and had terrible service. One over worked model/waitress could barely contain her displeasure at having to run around the whole room by herself. Definitely a pass.

The next night we met Thomas Ryan who was one of the founder's of Cductive (later bought by eMusic) who is doing some work with Virgin Mobile. It was great swapping digital music war stories, but even more interesting were the two places he took us to. We started out the night at Soho House in the meatpacking district. This is a very cool private club that caters to the media and entertainment industry. We had a business meeting set up and this was a great place to chill out and talk business. Afterwards we had an awesome dinner at Spice Market which is located next door (and was another Hip Guide recommendation) This was a great dinner.

The next day was travel hell. Late flight to DC. Fast haul to Laurel. Over to Reston to have the pleasure of meeting with Stowe Boyd. Rush to Dulles, miss flight. Get on next flight. Wait on tarmac for an hour. Fly back to NYC. Four states and half the day in screwed up travel. Fortunately for business it was a fabulous day.

Dinner was at Fiamma, which was a solid Italian experience in a real nice cozy room. Today will be the most packed before an early morning jet back to San Diego.

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